One-Off Route Optimization
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We know that route optimization is one of your top priorities, so we're offering a new service, one-time route optimization. Route optimization reduces distribution costs with lower fuel usage and less time wasted, increasing deliveries per route, improving circulation rates, reducing carrier turnover and boosting customer satisfaction.

Why sign up for a long-term contract when you can get the one-time optimization you really need. All you have to do is send us a CSV or Excel spreadsheet with routes and locations. We’ll work our magic and send back a CSV or Excel spreadsheet with the optimized routes including sequence and turn-by-turn driving directions. We also return route metrics including total miles, total minutes and location count.

If you would like to put our route optimization to the test, simply go to our ad-hoc routing site where you can get two medium routes optimized for free, including metrics. This is the same routing engine we use for our one-time optimization service.

Once you optimize your free routes, you can drive them to check out the optimization sequence and driving directions. If all looks good, you can move forward with optimizing all your routes.

*minimum number of routes required, additional charge for routes with more than 500 locations

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